Task Management Challenge: Remember the Milk vs. Todoist

Can Todoist unseat my long time task management tool, Remember the Milk? What features tipped the scales in favor of one tool over the other?

How To: Disable Updates on Specific WordPress Plug-Ins

The Scenario You are building a WordPress site. You are working down your to-do list of annoyances, feature needs, etc. As is usually the case, you have found the handful of plugins that do almost exactly what you are looking for. But some tweaking will be required to get rid of the almost and give […]

Instagram, explained.

Problem Fix: The Crappy New-Tab Page in Google Chrome

I complained before about the awfulness of the new tab page in Google Chrome.

Replace Calgoo Connect with Google Calendar Sync

I’ve been using Calgoo Connect to sync my Work Exchange Calendar with Google Calendar for some time. Though a resource hog, Calgoo Connect has worked until lately. Now the website seems to be down and syncing has stopped.

Google, we need to talk.

Google is the provider for most of the services I use. I use Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Reader and a bunch of other services they provide. Chrome has become my go to browser lately. Recently, they have been making some interface changes. Some good. Some bad.

Problem Fix: Google Maps don’t pan correctly using Google Chrome

I’ve been using Google Chrome for some time. It is a great browser. I recently started having an issue when viewing Google Maps with Chrome. When viewing any Google Map, I would click to drag the map and the click would hang. I’d let go of my mouse, but the map would still move with […]

How to: Create Your Own Craigslist Analytics Server

I have been using Craigslist Ad Tracker [CAT] for some time to keep an eye on items listed on Craigslist. Recently, I ran into a new limit of 10 items that CAT has put in place. Frustrated, I started searching for a replacement and didn’t find much. I recalled reading about an open source Google Analytics […]

OneNote & Dropbox: Missing Unfiled Notes

I’m a big fan of Microsoft OneNote. OneNote is the holder of random bits of information that would otherwise be strewn about my bookmarks, saved files or thrown away and forgotten. It is SO handy. In a lot of ways, it has become the dumping grounds of my life. If I were a college student, […]

WordPress Weidness

So this site is published on WordPress. Generally, I love WordPress. It is a terrific publishing engine that has all but rendered my desire to create websites from scratch moot. I’d just like to address one thing I’d love tweaked. But I have run into this issue enough though lately that I figured I’d share […]