Flying a Drone Through Lava

Filmmaker Stefan Forster, recently shot footage of the eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland. The underside of one of the three drones used was melted by the lava spray.

3D Printing and the Particularness of Small Children

I recently purchased a 3D printer. It is a Creality Ender 3 unit and is quite bare bones. Though for less than $200, it is perfect for learning more about the process and techniques required.

As any new owner of a 3D Printer, I’ve downloaded quite a few models from Thingiverse and other sites and cranked them out. There is quite a learning curve to climb when it comes to creating new models. To help with this ascent, I started playing with Tinkercad and wanted to create name plates for my team at the office. It took about 20 hours of printing, but I was successful and everyone liked their name plates.

Task Management Challenge: Remember the Milk vs. Todoist

Can Todoist unseat my long time task management tool, Remember the Milk? What features tipped the scales in favor of one tool over the other?

Farewell to Top Gear (as we know it)

A tribute to the greatest motoring show in the wuuurrrld that was brought to an end the only way that makes sense; by Jeremy punching a staff member.

How To: Disable Updates on Specific WordPress Plug-Ins

The Scenario You are building a WordPress site. You are working down your to-do list of annoyances, feature needs, etc. As is usually the case, you have found the handful of plugins that do almost exactly what you are looking for. But some tweaking will be required to get rid of the almost and give […]

Pentatonix – Run To You

Track #7 from PTX Vol. II by Pentatonix

How to Hide #DIV/0! from Excel Pivot Tables

Have a bunch of ugly #DIV/0! errors cluttering up your masterfully created PivotTable? Here’s how to solve it:

Justin Timberlake in Wrappingville

Old Person Ice Skating Rink Wrapping Cart versus Wrappingville.

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