Chase Freedom Card Referral Link

Normally, I wouldn’t necessarily encourage anyone to sign up for a credit card. Credit card companies are, for the most part, duplicitous piles of garbage that prey on financial ignorance or hardship.

But they are also provide useful tools that can be manipulated to the benefit of the financially well informed.

If you are looking for a cash back card, give the Chase Freedom Card a try. Just pay it off every month.

Use this link to sign up and you’ll get $100 cash back.

To get your $100, you have to make $500 in purchases within the first 3 months.

I get $50 if you use the card before June 7, 2013

AT&T Wireless Issue: “Connection Failed Due to Incorrect APN Setting” Error

I recently upgraded my cell phone. I’ve been using an HTC EVO Shift 4G for a couple years. While I will miss the physical keyboard, how HTC ever decided the paltry amount of phone storage (384 MB) was sufficient still baffles me.

The EVO was a company provided phone and since Sprint didn’t have any phones that were particularly compelling, I set out to upgrade my personal cell (An LG CU500 flip phone).

Based on some great reviews, I picked the HTC One X+ as my new phone of choice. But I encountered a few issues with AT&T. Read more…

Les Jeunes De Paris – Miley Cyrus

More goofiness from SNL.

From Season 36, Episode 16:

What Up With That – Samuel L Jackson

“Come on Sam. Come on now. That costs money.”

Did Samuel L. Jackson drop an F-bomb on the December 15, 2012 episode of Saturday Night Live? And then follow it up with “This is some bullshit”?

You be the judge. Read more…

How To: View Sharepoint Workflows in Visio

Recently, I was bringing a new team member up to speed on a Sharepoint Project.

I wanted to cover some of the list workflows and explain some of the quirky system behavior.

I figured the easiest way to illustrate these workflows would be to export them from Sharepoint Designer and look at them in Visio.

Read more…

Peyton Manning United Way Digital Short

Peyton Manning serving the United Way as America’s Role Model.

Instagram, explained.

Problem Fix: Visio 2010 Random Crashes

Microsoft Visio is not a tool I normally pull out of my toolbox.

Recently, when trying to explain a home network layout to a VP for the seventh time, I had a need for a visual representation of what I was failing to verbalize.

It is with that in mind that I fired up Microsoft Visio to document how I was going to attempt to:

  1. Provide better wireless coverage in his 4 story mansion with THICK plaster and lathe walls
  2. Extend the same wireless signal out to his new pool house and garage.

I say attempt because in a house this old and large, the signal is going to be weak, no matter what. Of course, that I fixed this issue 9 months ago by putting the best router in place that I could find, only to have him replace it with a crappy AT&T 2Wire gateway without telling me counts for nothing.

Back to my Visio issue. Several times while creating his layout, I would draw the first few objects and then attempt to move one and Visio would stop responding. So I’d try it again, same freeze, but with a different action. WTH?

After a few more rounds of insanity, I got a note saying the “Send to Bluetooth” Add-In may not be working correctly, would I like to disable it? Sure enough, that did the trick and Visio has been behaving itself ever since.

To disable this add-in:

  1. Go to File -> Options -> Add-Ins
  2. Under Manage:, make sure COM Add-ins is selected and click Go
  3. Uncheck the box for “Send to Bluetooth” and click OK

Hope this helps.

Why Tina Dalpiaz is no longer on “The Large Morning Show In the Afternoon”

Like I said a few years back when Karen Vail left the show, I’m a big fan of Frank O. Pinion and the Large Morning Show in the Afternoon, currently on KTRS 550 AM in St. Louis.

It was announced last Thursday (10/4/12) that another player, Tina Dalpiaz, was leaving the show. Frank discussed Tina’s departure in the final hour of the show.

I commend the transparency and discussion of a departure.

Click here to listen to the segment clip discussing Tina Dalpiaz’s departure from the show.

Best wishes to Tina and much success to her business.

Justin Bieber is a Fraud

Currently, Justin Bieber is continuing to sweep the world with his teen pop antics and musical stylings. He is the first true “social media” star. Sadly, Justin built his fame on a lie. Shocking, I know. Read more…