A New Addition to the Marktastic Family

Each year, I intend to publish more content to this site and keep it up to date. Each year, I usually under perform that intention. This year, at least, I have an excuse. My wife and I welcomed a daughter into the world last May. She’s pretty awesome and life is pretty good.

Justin Timberlake in Veganville

Sausage Depot versus Veganville.

Justin Timberlake in Single Ladies (featuring Beyonce)

From season 34, episode 8 with guest host Paul Rudd and musical guest, Beyonce Knowles.

Les Jeunes De Paris – Miley Cyrus

From Season 36, Episode 16. Guest Host: Miley Cyrus, Musical Guest: The Strokes

What Up With That – Samuel L Jackson

Did Samuel L. Jackson drop an F-bomb on the December 15, 2012 episode of Saturday Night Live? And then follow it up with “This is some bull****”?

You be the judge.

How To: View Sharepoint Workflows in Visio

Recently, I was bringing a new team member up to speed on a Sharepoint Project. I wanted to cover some of the list workflows and explain some of the quirky system behavior. I figured the easiest way to illustrate these workflows would be to export them from Sharepoint Designer and look at them in Visio.

Peyton Manning United Way Digital Short

A classic sketch with Peyton Manning campaigning for the United Way.

Instagram, explained.

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