Replace Calgoo Connect with Google Calendar Sync

I’ve been using Calgoo Connect to sync my Work Exchange Calendar with Google Calendar for some time. Though a resource hog, Calgoo Connect has worked until lately. Now the website seems to be down and syncing has stopped.

In setting out to find a different way to get work appointments to Google calendar, I came across Google Calendar Sync. The problem with Google Calendar Sync is that it  will only sync from Outlook to your primary calendar. I had two problems with this:

  1. I did not want all my work appointments to clutter up my personal calendar.
  2. I wanted to maintain the color coding that comes with separate calendars.

I didn’t turn up any other freeware to accomplish what I was wanting to do. Instead, I figured out an obvious solution; create a dedicated gmail account to receive my work appointments and share the calendar with myself.


  1. Sign up for a new Google account.
  2. Give permissions to Manage the calendar to your primary google account.
    (Calendar Settings -> Calendars -> Share this Calendar -> Share with your primary Google account)
  3. Download and install Google Calendar Sync.
  4. Configure your GCS with your new account from Step 1.
  5. Enjoy


  1. Google Calendar Sync uses far less resources than Calgoo.
  2. I don’t recall Calgoo supporting two-way sync. It may have, but being able to create an appointment on my mobile device and have it show up on the office calendar is very nice.


  1. This is Outlook only. Calgoo supported some additional calendar types.
  2. The sync app has to be running all the time to sync. The same was true of Calgoo, so not really a drawback; more of a consideration when syncing.