WordPress Weidness

So this site is published on WordPress.

Generally, I love WordPress. It is a terrific publishing engine that has all but rendered my desire to create websites from scratch moot. I’d just like to address one thing I’d love tweaked.

But I have run into this issue enough though lately that I figured I’d share it. And really, #3 below is what motivated this post as I lost what was almost a complete item when I tried to add a picture.

For instance create a new post or page and try any of the following:

  1. Change Publishing Options. You can’t change the status, visibility or time of your post. Clicking the Edit button does nothing.
  2. Adding Tags & Categories. It doesn’t allow it
  3. Adding a picture. If you try to click on the add picture (or any other media for that matter), your browser will load the upload tool, but it will do so in the same window you were working on. If you have drafted any content before clicking the add media button, kiss it goodbye.

How do you fix all this weirdness? Quite simple, save a draft. This should be addressed by my own frequent advice to Save Early and Save Often, but I have butted up against these issues too many times lately.

It would be terrific if after typing in a new post for 3 minutes or so that a draft is automatically saved. (I picked 3 minutes as that is what I am used to in Outlook.)

I can understand why this feature is not included as for a lot of folks it would result in quite a few orphaned drafts and clutter up the works in that respect. But man would it be handy.