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I’ve been using for some time to keep track of all the packages that arrive from Ebay, Amazon, etc. It was a handy tool to show you the status of shipments for USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL in one place.

After creating an account with, it went something like this:

  1. Buy something
  2. Get a shipment notification
  3. Forward that notification to [email protected]

I found out the hard way today that has ceased operations. A notice on their site said they could not discover a business model that produced enough profit to allow them to expand they way they wanted to, or something like that. It’s a shame as I don’t recall any advertising or freemium options on their site.

I set out to find a replacement and via found*. (Note to Lifehacker: Your new site design is much harder to use than the old one. Not a good change.)

A few notes on

  1. The interface at is much better than I was used to at
  2. The e-mail parser at is MUCH more aggressive than I am used to. It created 6 shipments out of one notification that I forwarded to it today.
  3. I wish that the e-mail parser would take the Subject Line and assign it as the Note/Description of the shipment. That would be handy.

If you find yourself tracking a bunch of packages, give a shot.

* Due to the wealth of information at, I can’t find the exact article that pointed me to, so I give you this link instead.


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  • Brendan Murphy

    Also looking for a replacement for  Found the site also through a lifehacker article.  Link to article below.!5426237/packagetrackr-helps-you-stay-on-top-of-incoming-shipments

  • Mark, glad you like TrackThePack!

    Sorry the email parser gave you trouble (that’s the first I’ve heard of anyone having 6 tracking numbers parsed out of one emails…the most I’ve seen is 3, but even that is pretty rare). Definitely shoot me an email about it if you get a chance.

    As for the subject line in the emails, you can actually already do that. Just change the subject line to what you want the note for the package to be and we’ll pick it up and use it (specifically, remove the “FWD” or “FW” that your email software adds).

    Hope that helps and thanks again!


  • Josh:

    Thanks for your comment!

    I found out after I posted this that by putting one tracking number per message, the parser will properly associate that subject with the tracking number. That is great and I can definitely live with this.

    But, in my perfect world, what I would love to see is that I could send an email with multiple tracking numbers where each line has a description – tracking number so that it would parse all those into separate shipments.

    The message I referred to in my original post was a notification from (I think) that took various other numbers in the message and found 5 or so non-tracking numbers, but created shipments for them on TrackThePack. I’ll see if I can’t find that original message and forward it to you at [email protected].

    On an unrelated note, I’ve had a couple shipments lately that are UPS numbers that are failing to load into Track the Pack. I’ll send those as well.


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