Connect to a Cisco VPN in a 64-bit OS without AnyConnect

The Problem

Using Cisco VPN in a 64-bit Windows Operating System

I recently made the switch to Windows 7 and at the same time made the jump from 32-bit to 64-bit.  So far so good, except for. . .

The Cisco VPN Client

From what I have read around the intertubes, Cisco will not be making a 64-bit VPN client. They instead are encouraging folks to use AnyConnect. Currently, my office firewall is not properly configured to use AnyConnect and with other more pressing tasks at the moment, is not likely to be configured any time soon.

So my interim solution was to use VMWare Workstation to run an XP virtual machine for the sole purpose of connecting to VPN. While workable, this was not ideal.

I searched the other night and came across this post, which points to a great answer.

The Solution

Shrew VPN Client

Shrew works great and more importantly allows the import of .pcf profiles.

If you on a 64-bit OS and need to connect to a VPN, give Shrew a try.


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  • Glad to see you found a work-around Mark.  A lot of people are frustrated with Cisco’s lack of support on the 64-bit client.  How is Shrew’s enterprise support?  Have you tried rolling out for more than 1 PC?
    VPN Haus

  • Sorry, I have not tried it on anything but my own machine. We are only in the testing phase of both Windows 7 and any 64-bit client OS’es.

    Feel free to post back any experience you have.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Gary Oliver

    We normally connect through a web based VPN authentication that installs AnyConnect. We never get to see or know about the required certificate or key. Does anyone know how to find the certificate and or key so I can set up ShrewSoft?

  • Alice

    Thanks for the post … it is just what I needed and really helped me!
    Will keep reading your blog as it has helped me on a few things so far.
    <a href=””>Cisco-Linksys E3000</a>

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