Books for Sale

I recently realized that most of the books I own will never be read again by me (if I ever read them in the first place). As such, I’m selling them all. Please see below for a  list of books for sale.

I’m willing to ship books (via UPS), provided you paypal me the money, but this will be a better deal for those of you in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

Contact me if you are interested in any of the titles listed below.

Recent Titles (P=Paperback | H =Hardback)

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Title Author List Price


3 The Treasure Principle Randy Alcorn 9.99 H
10 It’s Not About the Bike Lance Armstrong 13.00 P
5 Every Man’s Battle Stephen Arterburn 13.99 P
13 The Works – Anatomy of a City Kate Ascher 20.00 P
18 Drive Business Performance – Enablinga Culture of Intelligent Execution Bruno Aziza 39.95 H
10 The Search – How Google and Its Riveals Rewrote the Rules of Business andTransformed Our Culture John Battelle 14.95 P
15 The Myths of Innovation Scott Berkun 24.99 H
1 Friday Night Lights Buzz Bissinger 7.99 P
17 Three Nights in August Buzz Bissinger 25.00 H
10 Better Off – Flipping the Switch on Technology Eric Brende 13.95 P
10 A Clockwork Orange Anthony Burgess 10.00 P
2 Patriot Games Tom Clancy 4.95 P
11 He’s Hot, She’s Hot Jeramy Clark 10.95 P
10 I Gave Dating A Chance Jeramy Clark 9.95 P
10 Boundaries in Dating Henry Cloud 12.99 P
10 The Catcher Was A Spy – The Mysterious Life of Moe Berg Nicholas Dawidoff 15.95 P
5 Direct from Dell Michael Dell 26.00 H
12 Guns, Germs and Steel Jared Diamond 16.95 P
11 Strapped – Why America’s 20 and 30 Somethings Can’t Get Ahead Tamara Draut 13.95 P
6 The Ten Things You Can’t Say in America Larry Elder 14.95 P
14 Wild at Heart John Eldredge 21.99 H
10 The Wal-Mart Effect Charles Fishman 15.00 P
13 Economics for Dummies Sean Masaki Flynn 21.99 P
5 All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindegarten Robert Fulghum 5.95 P
12 The E-Myth Revisted – Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to DoAbout It Michael Gerber 16.00 P
10 The Scientist in the Crib – Minds, Brains and How Children Learn Alison Gopnik 14.99 P
18 Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus John Gray 25.00 H
10 Bart Simpson’s Guide to Life Matt Groening 12.95 H
12 Michael Moore Is a Big Fat Stupid White Man David Hardy 14.95 P
3 I Kissed Dating Goodbye Josh Harris 5.99 P
10 The Sexual Man Archibald Hart 12.99 P
10 Einstein – His Life and Universe Walter Isaacson 32.00 H
13 The Secret Life of Houdini William Kalush 16.00 P
15 The Reason for God Timothy Keller 24.95 H
12 Rich Dad, Poor Dad – What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money, ThatPoor and Middle Class Do Not! Robert Kiyosaki 16.95 P
10 Into the Kill Zone David Klinger 15.95 P
15 Liberty and Tyrany Mark Levin 25.00 H
8 See, I Told You So Rush Limbaugh 24.00 H
13 The Way Things Ought to Be Rush Limbaugh 22.00 H
5 Bringing Down the House – The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who TookVegas for Millions Ben Mezrich 7.99 P
12 Rigged – The True Story of an Ivy League Kid Who Changed the World ofOil, From Wall Street to Dubai Ben Mezrich 25.95 H
3 James Douglas J. Moo 9.00 P
5 The Magic Circle Katherine Neville 7.99 P
5 A Calculated Risk Katherine Neville 5.99 P
12 Diamond Ring Buying Guide Renee Newman 17.95 P
14 When the Game is Over It All Goes Back In the Box John Ortberg 21.99 H
12 Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts Lee Parrott 17.99 H
12 Youth in Revolt – The Journals of Nick Twisp CD Payne 14.95 P
10 Your Call Is Important to Us – The Truth About Bullshit Laura Penny 21.95 H
5 This Present Darkness Frank Peretti 9.00 P
10 Desiring God John Piper 14.99 P
5 My American Journey Colin Powell 6.99 H
9 The War of Art – Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner CreativeBattles Steven Pressfield 12.95 P
10 Early Bird – a memoir of premature retirement Rodney Rothman 13.00 P
12 Party of One – The Loner’s Manifesto Anneli Rufus 15.95 P
10 Skipping Towards Gomorrah – The Seven Deadly Sins and the Pursuit ofHappiness in America Dan Savage 15.00 P
10 The Cuckoo’s Egg Cliff Stoll 14.00 P
10 The Case for Faith Lee Strobel 12.99 P
12 Click – What Millions of People Are Doing Online and Why It Matters Bill Tancer 25.95 H
10 The Nine – Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court Jeffrey Toobin 15.95 P
5 Made in Amerca – My Story Sam Walton 22.50 H
13 The Purpose Driven Life Rick Warren 19.99 H
10 Legacy of Ashes – The History of the CIA Tim Weiner 16.95 P
5 Night Elie Wiesel 4.99 P

Bargain Bin – $3 Hardback | $1 Paperback

Price Title Author Genre Format
$1 Fatherhood Bill Cosby Non-Fiction P
$3 The Pass In the Grass and OtherIncredible Moments from Racing’s Greatest Legend Dale Earnhardt Non-Fiction H
$1 How Macs Work John Rizzo Non-Fiction P
$5 Pro Football’s Heroes of the Hall(Sporting News) Ron Smith Non-Fiction H
$1 All American Sports IQ Test Sporting News Non-Fiction P
$1 Success for Dummies Zig Ziglar Non-Fiction P
$3 God’s Wisdom is Better Than Gold Adrian Rogers Religious H
$1 How Good is Good Enough? Andy Stanley Religious P
$1 How Good is Good Enough? Andy Stanley Religious P
$1 Overcoming Life’s Challenges Bill Crowder Religious P
$1 Overcoming Life’s Challenges Bill Crowder Religious P
$1 Improving Your Serve – The Art ofUnselfish Living Charles R. Swindoll Religious P
$2 God’s Word for You CD Series (April2006) Charles Stanley Religious CD
$2 God’s Word for You CD Series (July2006) Charles Stanley Religious CD
$2 God’s Word for You CD Series (June2006) Charles Stanley Religious CD
$1 How to Live Without Regret Charles Stanley Religious P
$3 Success God’s Way Charles Stanley Religious H
$5 How to Listen to God Charles Stanley Religious P
$1 Can One Person Make a Difference? Charles Swindoll Religious P
$3 Come Before Winter Charles Swindoll Religious H
$1 Hebrews Volume 1 Bible Study Guide Charles Swindoll Religious P
$1 Hebrews Volume 2 Bible Study Guide Charles Swindoll Religious P
$1 Jesus Our Lord Charles Swindoll Religious P
$1 Letters to Churches. . . Then and Now Charles Swindoll Religious P
$1 Simple Faith Charles Swindoll Religious P
$3 Strengthening Your Grip Charles Swindoll Religious H
$3 The Darkness and the Dawn Charles Swindoll Religious H
$1 The Grace Awakening Charles Swindoll Religious P
$3 Understanding the Times – The Story ofChristian, Marxist/Leninist and Secular Humanist Worldviews David A. Noebel Religious H
$3 God Will Make a Way Dr. Henry Cloud Religious H
$1 The Da Vinci Code – Fact of Fiction Hank Hanegraaff Religious P
$1 In the Name of Jesus – Reflections onChristian Leadership Henri J. M. Nouwen Religious P
$1 Living By The Book Howard G. Hendricks Religious P
$1 The Pursuit of Holiness Jerry Bridges Religious P
$5 The Life God Blesses Jim Cymbala Religious H
$1 The Passion of Jesus Christ John Piper Religious P
$3 Debt Free Living – How to Get Out ofDebt (And Stay Out) Larry Burkett Religious H
$1 He Did This Just For You Max Lucado Religious P
$1 The Green Letters – Principles ofSpiritual Growth Miles J. Standford Religious P
$3 Finishing Strong Steve Farrar Religious H
$3 Romans Verse by Verse William R. Newell Religious H
0* What does the Bible Say AboutPatience? Religious P
$1 Macromedia Flash MX – Actionscript forDesigners Doug Sahlin Technical P
$1 Macromedia Flash MX Virtual Classroom Doug Sahlin Technical P
$1 Macromedia Flash MX Katherine Ulrich Technical P
$1 Windows 200 Administration for Dummies Michael Bellomo Technical P
$1 Practical Microsoft Windows 2000Server Robert Reinstein Technical P
$1 Hacking Exposed – Network SecuritySecrets & Solutions Stuart McClure Technical P
$3 Data Structures via C++ – Objects byEvolution A. Michael Berman Textbook H
$1 Al Stevens Teaches C – An InteractiveTutorial Al Stevens Textbook P
$1 Java for Computer Information Systems Andrew C. Staugaard, Jr. Textbook P
$1 Structured and Object-OrientedTechniques – An Introduction using C++ (plus Lab Manual) Andrew C. Staugaard, Jr. Textbook P
$3 Database Processing – Fundamentals,Design and Implementations David M. Kroenke Textbook H
$1 Perceiving the Arts – An Introdutionto the Humanities Dennis J. Sporre Textbook P
$1 Structured COBOL Programming Gary B. Shelly Textbook P
$1 Voice & Data Internetworking Gil Held Textbook P
$1 Java – How to Program H. M. Deitel Textbook P
$3 System Analysis and Design Methods Jeffrey L. Whitten Textbook H
$1 Technical Writing John M. Lannon Textbook P
$3 Data Structures, Algorithms, andApplications in C++ Sartaj Sahni Textbook H
$3 Operating Systems Concepts Silberschatz Galvin Textbook H
$1 C Elements of Style – The Programmer’sStyle Manual for Elegant C and C++ Programs Steve Oualline Textbook P
$3 Programming Languages – Design andImplementation Terrence W. Pratt Textbook H
$3 Artificial Intelligence – Theory &Practice Thomas Dean Textbook H
$3 Understanding Data Communications& Networks William A. Shay Textbook H
$1 Management, Information and Systems:An Introduction to Business Information Systems William S. Davis Textbook P
$3 Cryptography and Network Security -Principles and Practice William Stallings Textbook H
$1 Assembly Language Programming and theOrganization of the IBM PC Ytha Yu Textbook P
* – Free with Purchase