Problem Fix: Google Maps don’t pan correctly using Google Chrome

I’ve been using Google Chrome for some time. It is a great browser.

I recently started having an issue when viewing Google Maps with Chrome. When viewing any Google Map, I would click to drag the map and the click would hang. I’d let go of my mouse, but the map would still move with my mouse.

As a workaround, I’d right click the map to stop the panning action. This worked, but not very well.

Started looking for a solution tonight and found this:

The common thread between my setup and the initial posters was the Fast Access SSO extension. Go to Tools -> Extensions -> Disable Fast Access SSO.

Restart Chrome and you are fixed!


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  • Ivan

    Thanks for the help!!!, I had the same problem, and I was trying to solve it without success until I read your post.

  • rodrigo

    Thanks you, the FastAccess SSO extension was the problem.

  • Artur

    Thaaaaaaank youuuuu!!! Had this problem for a while with my new Dell laptop, you fixed the problem!

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