Merry Christmas!

So I Am Supposed to Update This Site, Right?

I sure do suck at making time to keep this site updated in any semblance of a reasonable frequency. Perhaps, I’ve been reading too many books lately. As such, I’ll throw out a few book recommendations to tide you over until I start writing more! Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century […]

In Honor of a St. Louis Holiday: Opening Day with Harry Caray

The home opener in St. Louis is practically a holiday. No one gets anything done as anticipation of the impending season distracts everyone from St. Louis from even a modicum of real work. In honor of that, I bring you Harry Caray, sort of. Go Cards!

Shingle Color Help

Dear Internet: My house is in need of a new roof and I am stuck picking out a shingle color. Thus, I turn to you, wise Internet, to lend your assistance to help whittle down the choices of shingle color. Here is a photo of the house:

Books for Sale

I recently realized that most of the books I own will never be read again by me (if I ever read them in the first place). As such, I’m selling them all. Please see below for a  list of books for sale. I’m willing to ship books (via UPS), provided you paypal me the money, […]

What Up With That?

Lunarpages Sucks! – A New Host Recommendation: Dreamhost

About a year ago, I recommended to you, the handful of readers of Marktastic, that Lunarpages was a great place to host a website. This site was initially hosted there. I want to apologize for any of you that took my word and went with Lunarpages. They are awful. I found quickly after this site […]

Celebrity Jeopardy!

Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet