Lunarpages Sucks! – A New Host Recommendation: Dreamhost

About a year ago, I recommended to you, the handful of readers of Marktastic, that Lunarpages was a great place to host a website. This site was initially hosted there.

I want to apologize for any of you that took my word and went with Lunarpages. They are awful. I found quickly after this site got up and going that it would be frequently turned off by Lunarpages “Support”. Apparently, a portion of my site was pegging a the processor on my shared server. I run WordPress with a lot of plugins, so I can see that this would be possible if I had a suspect plugin or script installed.

What was very frustrating is that there was no warning about the disabled site and no usable information was provided about which script was causing the problem, when the problem was occurring or for what duration. I would get a process listing from their server showing that index.php had gone rogue, but that was all.

I would go back and forth with their tech support and eventually they would re-enable my script, even though I wouldn’t change any part of my site. It got to be too much, too often.

I had already pre-paid for 2 years of service when I gave up and sought out a refund from Lunarpages. Well, they have a very shady policy that only offers a refund within 30 days of opening an account. If you decide to abandon them before the end of your term, you are out the money.

I searched for a new host and am currently with Dreamhost. Thus far, they have been great. My site has not been turned off and the features of the site are so much better.

Ultimately, I’ve abandoned Lunarpages and would highly discourage anyone from using their service. Because they suck.