Justin Timberlake in Homelessville

Justin Timberlake in Plasticville

Justin Timberlake in Omeletteville

Ieshia Moss – Dancer.

So You Think You Can Dance has returned for season #8. The auditions are always good watching. Tonight they featured an entertainer named Ieshia Moss. Click “Read More” to view the video of Miss Moss.

Quick Hits – Parking Lot Ducks, Gargoyle Carving, Osama & “Facebook”

As per usual, I update this site in spurts and without much regularity. With the same amount of randomness as my updates, here are some things that have intrigued me lately. The Parking Lot at my office The company I work for has been in the same building for 10+ years. In that time, zero […]

A phrase I never thought I’d hear on TV

I’ve started watching Pawn Stars recently. A good show that illustrates the crap you have is worth only as much as someone will pay for it. While this show features a lot of odd stuff, a gentleman wanting to sell his drag racer and trailer featured a phrase that I never thought I would hear […]

Roof Replacement

Dear Internet: Thank you for your help in selecting a color for my roof. I know that voter turn-out was light, but the results were close (9 to 8), but the favorite, Thunderstorm Grey pulled out a win. Before After Now as to why it took a year to post the results? Well, while a […]