Quick Hits – Parking Lot Ducks, Gargoyle Carving, Osama & “Facebook”

As per usual, I update this site in spurts and without much regularity. With the same amount of randomness as my updates, here are some things that have intrigued me lately.

The Parking Lot at my office

The company I work for has been in the same building for 10+ years. In that time, zero maintenance has been done to the parking lot. Stripes were finally painted about 4 years ago. While stripes are helpful, the potholes are getting ridiculous.

I hope these ducks are paying rent.

Gargoyle Carving in Webster Groves

If traffic on I-270 sucks in the afternoons, which is about 35% of the time, I’ll take the scenic route home. Doing so takes me past 35 South Rock Hill Road, Webster Groves, Missouri 63119.

While this house has a nice curved roof line, a few months back a new feature appeared. I am normally not a fan of lawn art, but this is just freaking awesome.

Front View

Back View

Another picture available here: http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5302/5651541970_8e0f612953_o.jpg

Based on a brand on the back of the carving, I found it was done by Wood Den. You can find more of his work here: http://www.wood-den.com/


The world is a better place now that Osama Bin Laden is dead.

Sidenote: I keep thinking of the Vince Flynn character, Mitch Rapp when I picture the operation. I’d highly recommend his novels.

I doubt it will happen, but I would love to see an interview on 60 Minutes with the team that performed the raid.

I’d love to shake the hand of the man that saw OBL through his sights and pulled the trigger. I’d love to hear what was going through that man’s head just before the moment he sent a round through Osama’s.


Is it me or is Facebook turning into Bartlett’s Quotations 2.0? Seems like a lot of folks have some sort of introspective or witty quote as their status these days.

I for one don’t update my status as I believe most people don’t give a crap what I happen to be doing at any given time (I’ve got this website for that sort of thing). But let’s not get all “preachy” people. Just tell the world your day sucked, you can’t wait for the weekend, *sigh* or your eating cheetos and be done with it.

Until next time . . .