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Photo Fun – Two Great & Hilarious Photo Sharing Sites

Everyone has starred in a bad picture or two over the course of time. Leave it to the Internet to provide a place to share those embarrasments with the rest of the world. I present to you two of the greatest uses of the Internet that I’ve seen in the last 13 days. Awkward Family […]

Prosper & Lending Club Referral

AND Tired of a bank that pays you less than 1% APY on your hard-earned cash? Consider peer-to-peer lending. I’ve used both Prosper & Lending Club in recent times and am happy with both. You get WAY better returns (currently 10%+), with slightly more risk, but why let your money just sit there put it […]

St. Louis Blues Power Play Dance

I had an opportunity to go to a couple Blues games last week. It was a playoff atmosphere and both games ended in a victory for The Note. What was also intriguing was the dance that a good majority of the Scottrade Center would do before a power play.

Drum Machine

I found this on the intertubes a while back and love it. Anywho, same deal with the SYTYCD clip. I was cleaning out my system and found it and thought I’d share it. Enjoy.