St. Louis Blues Power Play Dance


I had an opportunity to go to a couple Blues games last week. It was a playoff atmosphere and both games ended in a victory for The Note.

What was also intriguing was the dance that a good majority of the Scottrade Center would do before a power play. Ameren UE sponsors the power play and the theme music is a 2Unlimited song.

There are a couple of YouTube clips of this dance. Here and here.

So I came home curious and started searching about how this dance started and found a couple of forum threads on the at here and here (both links dead).

From what I can tell, one guy started doing this dance (the forums point to a guy named Brock Boner or Jago). If the guy who started this is Jago, then this YouTube Clip supposedly shows him. Brock Boner sounds fake to me, so I’ll go with Jago. A group near the Top Shelf area saw him and started mimicking him and it has caught on very quickly.

Pretty hilarious stuff.  I hope to see all 19,250 present doing this in the playoffs. GO BLUES!


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  • giggity

    Brock Boner is a real name, and he is the originator of the Power Play Dance. I know this because I go to school with him. GOTEM

  • tyson

    Brock Boner is a real name! Although he did not invent the power play dance, he learned it from me and my friend Nic (who also goes to school with you giggity) I have video proof!!

  • giggity

    Brock Boner deserves the recognition just because his name is Brock Boner. There is no way your name is as cool as Brock Boner unless your name is Massive Erection, therefore the originator of the power play dance is Brock Boner.


    This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen and needs to stop.  Anyone that does this dance is a TOOL!  Do you realize how stupid you look?

  • chill

    maybe people like looking stupid sometimes. it’s not a big deal. do like I do and just use your hands as blinders.
    (also, have you ever thought that maybe stupid people can’t help looking stupid or doing stupid things? lowest common denominator, my friend. so don’t get so upset, it’s the one thing that the millions of diverse stupids can do together to unite towards a common goal. It’s almost a beautiful thing, actually. if you want, join the “anti-blues power play dance” group on facebook. I have this hypothesis that if all stupid people like the dance then all the smart people will hate it. yet again, those ridiculous moves may actually be a blessing in disguise.  Now, STUPID DANCE, may I call you STUPID DANCE? we, the members of the anti blues power play dance are not huge fans of cynicism or typing in all caps.  you may, if you wish to join the group, need to eradicate these habits.)

  • Plug?

    any chance the powerplay dance is supposed to resemble a plug?

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