Best Fish Fry in St. Louis?

As a lad, I grew up in and around the village of Millstadt, Illinois.


Millstadt is a quaint little town; most of my recollections of growing up there bring back memories of classmates who loved 4-wheelers and didn’t really approve of black people.

I also recall a Golden Dipt factory that was neighbor to one of the best fish stands around. I only knew it as “The Millstadt Fish Stand”. All that aside, I’m craving some good fish and am looking for some recommendations for some quality fish fries in St. Louis County.


So far, I’ve found some info here, but it’s 10 years old. It recommends (among others):

  • St. Gerard Majella in Kirkwood
  • St. Joan of Arc in South St. Louis
  • St. Peter Parish in Kirkwood

If you know of a church, parish or restaurant that has good fried fish, please leave a comment with the details.


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  • Monica Hunyar

    Epiphany of Our Lord, 6596 Smiley Avenue – best fish fry in Southwest City!  Cod, Shrimp, hand-breaded Jack Salmon and Catfish; all sides homemade by ladies of the parish.  Don’t miss it!  All Friday’s during Lent except no fish fry on Good Friday.  Don’t miss out!

  • greg venneman

    You MUST try St. Stephen Protomartyr in Holly Hills! With a menu that boasts teriyaki salmon, cajun grouper, and seasoned tilapia one must make time to experience this rapidly growing fish fry! Of course the fried/baked cod, the Jumbo shrimp, and the crazy popular fish taco are out of this world.
    The service is faster than Jimmy Johns, the quality is consistent, and no one leaves hungry as the portions are generous.
    We proudly serve Bud Light on tap and Schlafly’s by the bottle.

    I attend their fish fry at least three times a season and the people are so nice. I may make them my exclusive fish fry.
    Check it out. I’m not lyin!!

  • This website (Where is the best fish fry in St. Louis, Missouri? | Marktastic) won’t render properly on my blackberry – you might wanna try and fix that 🙂 Hiroko Washington

  • Dan

    Mark I grew up between Columbia and Millstadt, no live in St. louis too.  Ive tried going to Millstadt fish stand but it never seems to be open. I remember it use to only be open Thurs to Sun during the summer. Is that still the case? or did it totally close?   If you dont know I will try to find out when I hit up Shuberts again for some of the best meat cuts, smokies and pork sausage around!!  At least I know thats still open.  To bad Masserang passed on and his shop closed though. I loved going there.

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