How To: Disable Updates on Specific WordPress Plug-Ins


The Scenario

You are building a WordPress site. You are working down your to-do list of annoyances, feature needs, etc.

As is usually the case, you have found the handful of plugins that do almost exactly what you are looking for. But some tweaking will be required to get rid of the almost and give you exactly what you want.

You set about styling the plugin output through style sheets and through trial and error, you have it. . . Read more…

Pentatonix – Run To You

Solid song by Pentatonix. I’m sure they are thrilled, but I’m disappointed that every North American tour date is sold out.

How to Hide #DIV/0! from Excel Pivot Tables

Have a bunch of ugly #DIV/0! errors cluttering up your masterfully created PivotTable?

Here’s how to solve it: Read more…

Justin Timberlake in Wrappingville

This comes from Season 39 Episode 10 (originally aired on December 21, 2013).

Old Person Ice Skating Rink Wrapping Cart versus Wrappingville.

A New Addition to the Marktastic Family

3 weeks old!

Each year, I intend to publish more content to this site and keep it up to date. Each year, I usually under perform that intention.

This year, at least, I have an excuse. My wife and I welcomed a daughter into the world last May.

She’s pretty awesome and life is pretty good.

Justin Timberlake in Veganville

This comes from Season 38 Episode 16 (originally aired on March 9, 2013).

Sausage Depot versus Veganville.

Justin Timberlake in Single Ladies (featuring Beyonce)

Old, but good.

Chase Freedom Card Referral Link

Normally, I wouldn’t necessarily encourage anyone to sign up for a credit card. Credit card companies are, for the most part, duplicitous piles of garbage that prey on financial ignorance or hardship.

But they are also provide useful tools that can be manipulated to the benefit of the financially well informed.

If you are looking for a cash back card, give the Chase Freedom Card a try. Just pay it off every month.

Use this link to sign up and you’ll get $100 cash back.

To get your $100, you have to make $500 in purchases within the first 3 months.

I get $50 if you use the card before June 7, 2013

AT&T Wireless Issue: “Connection Failed Due to Incorrect APN Setting” Error

I recently upgraded my cell phone. I’ve been using an HTC EVO Shift 4G for a couple years. While I will miss the physical keyboard, how HTC ever decided the paltry amount of phone storage (384 MB) was sufficient still baffles me.

The EVO was a company provided phone and since Sprint didn’t have any phones that were particularly compelling, I set out to upgrade my personal cell (An LG CU500 flip phone).

Based on some great reviews, I picked the HTC One X+ as my new phone of choice. But I encountered a few issues with AT&T. Read more…

Les Jeunes De Paris – Miley Cyrus

More goofiness from SNL.

From Season 36, Episode 16: