How to Hide #DIV/0! from Excel Pivot Tables

Have a bunch of ugly #DIV/0! errors cluttering up your masterfully created PivotTable? Here’s how to solve it:

How To: Log Activity in Microsoft Excel

At home and work, I spend a lot of time in Microsoft Excel. Most of the important details of my life are stored somewhere in an Excel Workbook. For some time, I wanted a way to save a log of the changes that were made to some of the workbooks.

Lose Weight with Microsoft Excel!

I love Microsoft Excel. Excel is far and away my favorite application. It has recently helped me lose over 30 pounds.

The Default Colors in Excel 2007 Suck!

I use Excel all the time. I’ve been on the 2007 version for quite some time and I still can’t get over the ugly pastel color scheme that Microsoft provided us with for the new version.