Ieshia Moss – Dancer.

So You Think You Can Dance has returned for season #8. The auditions are always good watching.

Tonight they featured an entertainer named Ieshia Moss.

Click “Read More” to view the video of Miss Moss.

This self-titled Black Barbie comes from the hip-hop/freestyle/mostly-freestyle genre.

Her inspiring performance¬† included booty poppin’, booty shakin’ and hand flailin’. Wearing some “wonderful” boots and a colorful face to match . . .

She. Tore. Up. The. Stage.

More impressively, the number was improvised as she forgot her routine and had to start from scratch.

Where did she get such skills? Well she revealed a long held secret that she used to be a stripper.



Her music was from the Levels Music Group and is called “Shake It Low”


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