How to reset your Zune

I use a Microsoft Zune as my portable media player. Some people are all high on the iPod, but those are too rich for my blood.

I picked up a 30 GB Zune last Christmas off for $85. It has been worth every penny.

I find that I encounter few issues with it and generally just works.

Every so often though, my unit powers off when I shift in my chair at work. This is due to static electricity generated by my big butt.

And even more rarely, my Zune just stops responding all together. If this ever happens to you and you are looking for the magic key combination to reset it, here it is:

Hold the Back button and the Up button on the directional pad until you see the Zune logo

This effectively reboots your Zune. It does not delete any of the media on your Zune.

Note: If you find this doesn’t work, make sure your hold button on the top of the Zune is not locked.