Task Management Challenge: Remember the Milk vs. Todoist


Smart Add

Smart Add allows you to pile all the details about the task into one line and Remember The Milk is able to parse that text amazingly well into the various metadata fields for the task.

If I  enter Remember The Milk @Store #ps-Shop ^today 5pm www.schnucks.com *weekly, Remember The Milk will create a recurring weekly task with the appropriate project list, location, date, time and URL parsed.

To accomplish the same thing in Todoist, it is a very manual and slow process.

I also found the date parser in Remember The Milk to be far superior to Todoist’s. Remember the Milk allows you to specify very odd recurrences  (e.g. every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday). Todoist would not allow me to do that same 6 out of 7 day recurrence.


Bulk Task Editing

The other big feature that is spot on in Remember The Milk is bulk task editing. Check the boxes on as many tasks as you need and update task tags, locations, dates, URL’s. Really, almost any task field can be updated en masse in Remember the Milk. The dedicated complete and postpone buttons are great as is the subtle More Actions menu.

Todoist allows bulk deletes, but that’s it. To complete multiple tasks, you have to check the box for each task.

Adding tasks by email

Smart Add coupled with Bulk Task Editing combine to make the emailing of tasks very efficient. It allows you to email in multiple tasks and parses them with Smart Add. This allows you to specify a different project list for each task you email.

Emailing in Todoist is rather cumbersome. Each task must be emailed separately and each project list has its own email address. I found that emailing dates of tasks didn’t work and had to be set manually.


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