Les Jeunes De Paris – Miley Cyrus

From Season 36, Episode 16. Guest Host: Miley Cyrus, Musical Guest: The Strokes

What Up With That – Samuel L Jackson

Did Samuel L. Jackson drop an F-bomb on the December 15, 2012 episode of Saturday Night Live? And then follow it up with “This is some bull****”?

You be the judge.

How To: View Sharepoint Workflows in Visio

Recently, I was bringing a new team member up to speed on a Sharepoint Project. I wanted to cover some of the list workflows and explain some of the quirky system behavior. I figured the easiest way to illustrate these workflows would be to export them from Sharepoint Designer and look at them in Visio.

Peyton Manning United Way Digital Short

A classic sketch with Peyton Manning campaigning for the United Way.

Instagram, explained.