Problem Fix: Visio 2010 Random Crashes

Microsoft Visio is not a tool I normally pull out of my toolbox.

Recently, when trying to explain a home network layout to a VP for the seventh time, I had a need for a visual representation of what I was failing to verbalize.

It is with that in mind that I fired up Microsoft Visio to document how I was going to attempt to:

  1. Provide better wireless coverage in his 4 story mansion with THICK plaster and lathe walls
  2. Extend the same wireless signal out to his new pool house and garage.

I say attempt because in a house this old and large, the signal is going to be weak, no matter what. Of course, that I fixed this issue 9 months ago by putting the best router in place that I could find, only to have him replace it with a crappy AT&T 2Wire gateway without telling me counts for nothing.

Back to my Visio issue. Several times while creating his layout, I would draw the first few objects and then attempt to move one and Visio would stop responding. So I’d try it again, same freeze, but with a different action. WTH?

After a few more rounds of insanity, I got a note saying the “Send to Bluetooth” Add-In may not be working correctly, would I like to disable it? Sure enough, that did the trick and Visio has been behaving itself ever since.

To disable this add-in:

  1. Go to File -> Options -> Add-Ins
  2. Under Manage:, make sure COM Add-ins is selected and click Go
  3. Uncheck the box for “Send to Bluetooth” and click OK

Hope this helps.


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