Turn your Flash Drive into a Swiss Army USB Key with Liberkey


If you are like me, you have several USB Keys sitting around doing nothing. It’s time to repurpose those old drives. Turn them into a swiss-army drive that contains any possible program you might need . . . and for free!

I’ve been a big fan of the Portable Apps suite for some time. Granted, most of my software is installed locally, but it’s nice to have an alternative at hand on a spare flash drive for use in a pinch.

Having portable applications was great, but Portable Apps don’t update their application list to new version often enough for my liking and the update process was also more manual than I would have liked.


Enter Liberkey.  I haven’t noticed any apps missing from any of their suites that I used before. In addition, they have a great updating utility. The apps also seem to be updated to the current full version more quickly too.

I’d highly recommend installing LiberKey and giving it a try.


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  • PAFan

    You may want to look into LiberKey a bit more before using it.  Everything LiberKey adds is closed source including their launchers and updaters (unlike Portable Apps).  LiberKey has even been caught stealing software directly from Portable Apps in the past and then lying about it.  They also include apps without permission and refuse to obey the rules of the GPL and other licenses.

  • martinsc

    wow… I was just about to check out Liberkey, when I read your comment PAFan. I think I’ll stay with portable apps for now ;0

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