Dropbox Referrals


In recent weeks, I’ve started using Dropbox. It’s a nifty little web app that allows you to store crap online. Now, you might be saying to yourself, “Self, that’s not all that great, the Internet is full of people storing crap online; just look at YouTube.” and you’d be right. . .

Except that Dropbox provides a desktop utility that syncs your data to their servers and to any other client you have setup. So what does this mean to you? (They get bonus points for providing cross-platform clients.)

Well, it means you can use it to sync any file across multiple computers of different operating systems simply by saving it.

For instance, you could sync your Firefox profile across your home laptop, your work laptop, your home desktop, your second work computer and for good measure the mac you have at home, but never use. And that’s what I’m currently using it for. I like my Firefox just how I like my Firefox and by having one profile across the multiple computers, I don’t have to install the same extension upgrade 6 times, or repeat the same configuration steps multiple times. It’s very nice.

This is just scratching the surface of what Dropbox can handle.

If you want to test Dropbox, sign up using the link below: