AT&T Wireless Issue: “Connection Failed Due to Incorrect APN Setting” Error

I recently upgraded my cell phone. I’ve been using an HTC EVO Shift 4G for a couple years. While I will miss the physical keyboard, how HTC ever decided the paltry amount of phone storage (384 MB) was sufficient still baffles me.

The EVO was a company provided phone and since Sprint didn’t have any phones that were particularly compelling, I set out to upgrade my personal cell (An LG CU500 flip phone).

Based on some great reviews, I picked the HTC One X+ as my new phone of choice. But I encountered a few issues with AT&T.

I ordered the phone from Amazon Wireless on 12/24 with the 3GB data plan. The device finally arrived on 12/28.

I had to call AT&T to get voice service working. There was some issue with the sim card that I was told was already activated, but not working properly.

On 12/29, I left the house and was expecting to have data access on my new device. But that was not the case, so I set about figuring out what was wrong.

When I went to Settings -> Mobile Network, I saw “Connection Failed Due to Incorrect APN Setting”.

So I set about googling the issue.

I found this site:

And added this APN Profile to my phone:

Name: AT&T
APN: wap.cingular
Proxy: leave blank
Port: leave blank
Username:[email protected]
Server: leave blank
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: 80
MNC:410 (note. this could also be 310, 41 or 15)
APN Type: leave blank

All was then well, I had data access. Or so I thought. . . .

Then I woke up on 12/30 to 2 emails and 2 texts telling me I had used over $100 of pay-per-use data.

What. The. Crap.

Turns out that when I ordered my 3GB data plan, it was not correctly added to my account. So the 11 MB I used on 12/29 were billed at $0.01 per KB.

AT&T agreed to credit this “overage”, but I wanted to share this for anyone else upgrading a phone or adding a device to avoid the APN settings above and call 611 for assistance.